A simple site created to warn Humanity of the future dangers it faces and I hope I am wrong.

First of all, you do not have to believe any of this and with everything going on in the World, I would question everything.

My name is Steven Aaron Jesse and I suffered from a near death experience because I have emphysema and came back, formed a LLC (Corporation) and created multiple Twitter accounts to warn people a week (7 days before Easter 2022) that there would be an event that took place in 7 years or less that would be catastrophic to Earth.

Before I actually died, I saw the ALL SEEING EYE all over the room and my spirit or soul left my body. My Soul actually left my body and it was thrown throughout the cosmos.

All Seeing Eye
All seeing eye Illuminati pyramid symbol vector illustration.

I was also hospitalized for my views, and during that time medical staff broke my neck. I did not die nor did I suffer any serious injury to my neck. I blacked out for about 3 days when I awoke, I was healed.

This site is being archived on your own internet servers too.

The Hebrew meanings of my full name are:

Steven = “Crown”

Aaron = “Mountain of strength, exalted, strong”

Jesse = “The Lord Exists”

The Catastrophic Event will deal with our own Sun, an ongoing pole shift, and World War 3.

Warned people that UFOs currently surround Earth and that creatures would start showing themselves.

Stay out of the wooded/forested areas of Earth from 3am-7am.

My First account was suspended 8 times on Twitter when we all knew the FBI was working with Twitter and won every single appeal.

Had insight and warned Donald Trump on his social media 4-5 days before the raid on his home to warn him of this threat to prevent him from running again in 2024.

I closed down those twitter accounts because most people thought and wrote me off as being crazy or a loon. I had about 8 accounts in Total.

If you do not believe I am crazy please share this site and let more people know that Earth is on a precursor for something catastrophic taking place. Please translate this site, there is a translator on this site.

There are two things you can never erase: Government Records and your Internet Footprint. This is my proof of the LLC or Corporation that I created to mark this time in History: